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  • The Crest of Lord Likely

    18 January 2012


    IN LIGHT of the loss of our communal encyclopaedia, ‘Wikipedia‘, I have decided to step forth and aid those ignoramuses who still seek knowledge despite the blackout. Thus I am proud to present my very own astonishing… Likelypedia!

    I am a fountain of knowledge. Come, drink from my spout.


    Aardvark: the aroused form of a softvark.

    Abound: the act of a bounder.

    Absinthe: a magical green liquid which can make days simply VANISH.

    Abundance: a jig or a waltz performed by bakers.

    Agent: singular form of gentlemen.

    Analogue: a ledger for cataloguing anal sex acts.

    Angler: one who constructs protractors, set squares etc.

    Antelope: what occurs when two ants love each other very much, and wish to flee from their disapproving parents.

    Anticlimax: the result of a particular awful bout of sexual intercourse.

    Antwerp: An stupid person.

    Archangel: the most condescending of all the heavenly host.

    Artichoke: to throttle someone in a particularly creative manner.

    Auspicious: to be rather mistrustful of gold.

    Avast – something rather large. (Submitted by @SheyMouse)


    Backgammon: pork eaten off of a servant masquerading as a table.

    Badger: one who makes badges.

    Badminton: the exact opposite of goodminton.

    Baguette: a very small container or receptacle, favoured by French ladies.

    Bassoon: a musical ape.

    Bicycle: a two-wheeled vehicle which may be used by either ladies or gentleman, as it has no preference to either gender.

    Bonfire: French exclamation upon witnessing a particularly good blaze.

    Bratwurst: the very nastiest of children. (Submitted by Mr. Scott Huber.)

    Bungalow: a buffalo that can’t get it right. (Submitted by Mr. Travis Rathgeber).


    Carbuncle: Your mother’s pasta loving brother. (Submitted by @jcodfishpie).

    Censorship: a boat charged with hunting down pirates, but which ends up just spoiling the sea for everyone.

    Champignon: the winner of a French mushroom-eating contest.

    Chancellor: person employed to gamble with an entire nation’s finances.

    Colony: an adjective used to describe the colon, e.g ‘I’m not sure what this is, but it looks a bit colon-y’.

    Comeback: one of the results of a particularly messy orgy.

    Comatose: what you get when your foot falls asleep.

    Comeuppance: an accidental discharge of fluid, most frequently associated with overexcitement and the inexperience of youth. (Submitted by Mr. Mark Hooper.)

    Contraband: A musical group who steadfastly refuse to play any of the songs requested.

    Contribute: eulogy given at the funeral of a felon.

    Crestfallen: Crestfallen: when one’s coat of arms falls off the mantelpiece. (Submitted by @DaddyP).

    Crouton: a unit of measurement used to weigh bread, e.g ‘this giant loaf weighs approximately one metric crouton’.

    Custard: a cowardly bastard with a yellow streak a mile long.


    Damage: a wizard from South London. (Submitted by @SheyMouse)

    Decrease: what you get when you iron de pants. (Submitted by @Darien_Mason)

    Deliberate: to deny something freedom, e.g: ‘following the screams of horror from the clergy, I decided to deliberate my todger’.

    Diarrhoea: A Welsh man who is unable to pay his mortgage. (Submitted by @mr_andy_fereday)

    Dinosaur: a fictional beast created by scientists in an attempt to disprove the undoubted existence of an all-powerful deity who lives in the sky.

    Discuss: a conversation or debate pertaining exclusively to an Olympic throwing event.

    Dogma: the mother of the dog. (Submitted by @Vampcat66)


    Eton: Yorkshire exclamation upon seeing a heavy weight. (Submitted by @mr_andy_fereday)

    Everest: dead. (Submitted by @SheyMouse)


    Germination:where the Kaiser resides and sows his seed. (Submitted by Mr. Mark Hooper.)

    Gravy: Like a grave. (Suggested by @Mr.Whaite).


    Hippocrates: Ancient Greek who invented a means of storing hippopotamuses ready for transport.

    Huzzah: a bazaar for the (h)upper classes. (Submitted by Lord Matt).


    Internet: The opposite of Outernet. (Submitted by Mr. Travis Rathgeber).

    Inundated: to ‘enjoy’ a woman who has never been out on a date. (Submitted by @moggiesinforest).

    Irrelevant: having nothing whatsoever to do with elephants. (Submitted by Mr. Travis Rathgeber).


    Leotard: an astrologer prone to incorrect readings. (Submitted by @jcodfishpie).

    License: An ability to tell when someone is not telling the truth. (Submitted by @jim_linder.)


    Nightmare:a nocturnal female horse. (Submitted by @jim_linder.)


    Obesity: a city wherein the citizen are somewhat overweight. (Submitted by @jcodfishpie).


    Paedophile: a folder for small children to keep their paperwork in. (Submitted by @xpd259).

    Pencil: window ledge for keeping pens. (Submitted by @mr_andy_fereday)

    Penis. What a pen is. (Submitted by @JackPurling).

    Problematic: An asbestos filled loft. (Suggested by @Mr.Whaite).

    Professorship: a boat used for the deportation of unsavoury scientists, e.g Professor Elemental.


    Quince:a female prince. (Submitted by @SheyMouse)


    Repercussions:Death’s soft furnishings. (Suggested by @Mr.Whaite).


    Socrates: ancient greek who invented prices for cloth foot coverings. (Submitted by @moggiesinforest).

    Spatula: A heated arguement between two or more vampires. (Submitted by Mr. Travis Rathgeber).


    Taxidermy: the process whereby one is stuffed by the Inland Revenue.

    Testimony: the delighted, groaning sound a gentleman makes when a lady fondles his ball-bags.


    Uvula: a foolish vampire who decides to go out in harmful UV rays, despite warnings and no sunblock. (Submitted by Ms. Jenn Thorson).


    Wombat:a mythical creature that hangs around on Wimbledon common with a bat. (Submitted by @Vampcat66).

    Keep your eyes peeled for I shall be updating the Likelypedia as and when more pearls of wisdom drop forth. Of course, YOU can contribute to – either comment below, or use the Twittering Device or the Book of Many Faces.

    In the meantime, do not forget to read up about the awful SOPA legislation – a form of soap that will only wash away the good.


    – Lord Likely.

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