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    12 November 2010

    Movember Moustache-A-Day Marathon, Day Five

    Moustache No.5: ‘The Tit-Tickler’
    Taken from ‘Lord Likely’s Extra-Ordinary Inter-Active Moustache-O-Rama‘.

    AS THE weekend is nearly ‘pon us, I thought that today’s ‘tash for my ‘Moustache-A-Day Movember Marathon‘ should be a fun one,  suited to all the weekend revellers among you!

    And so I give you ‘The Tit-Tickler‘, ladies and gentle-men! This fun little number is obviously a rather more light-hearted and faintly ludicrous style, but nonetheless it is still guaranteed to bring a smile to many a party-goer’s face due to it’s overwhelmingly amusing appearance! Ho-ho!

    And, of course, it can also bring a smile to any lady’s face too, as it is perfectly designed to tickle the busty substances of any woman, giving her a little laugh and thus acting as the perfect ice-breaker, after which you can then seduce her and charm her into bed wherein you grab her firmly with both hands and force your tumescent tally-whacker roughly into her and thrust deeply and fiercely and…

    Ahem. Apologies. I got rather carried away, there.

    The Tit-Tickler, ladies and gentle-men! Ahem.

    – Lord Likely.

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    Lord Likely was a renowned member of the English aristocracy in the Victorian era. Tales of his exhilarating, enthralling and highly erotic exploits were legendary, but only now have his own, personal diaries resurfaced (found in a branch of Help the Aged in Swindon), shedding light on the life of this extraordinary eccentric.

    Warning: these journals contain material that some people may find terribly offensive, or incredibly arousing

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