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    11 July 2014

    Ten Victorian Insults To Make Your Enemies Crumble

    When you’re as rich, good-looking and fantastically well-endowed as I, one soon makes many enemies out of those less fortunate contemporaries who view one’s splendour with bitter, jealous eyes.

    Usually, these bounders can be dispatched with a swift knee to the groin, or a firm left-hook to the jaw, but sometimes more diplomatic means are required. In these instances (such as at a dinner-party, or at a Bar-Mitzvah, or at a wake) I prefer to rely on my copious wits, and strike down my enemies with a pointed quip aimed squarely at their very essence.

    Being a benevolent sort, here is a list of some genuine Victorian barbs which you too can utilise in a similar manner.

    1. Fly Rink.

    A term used to describe someone with a bald pate. “You may well be the Chief Justice, your honour, but at least I still have my own hair as opposed to having to sport a wig to cover up my fly rink.”

    2. Dirty Puzzle.

    A promiscuous woman, a slattern. “I am not saying that Lady Derbyshire is of dubious morals, but the word is she is quite the dirty puzzle.”

    3. Mutton Shunter.

    A derogatory term for a police-man. “Since when did exposing one’s self become an offence? Surely I am performing a public service! Unhand me at once, you filthy mutton shunter!”

    4. Windy-Wallets.

    Someone who talks far too much. “I only attended this service because I was told that there would be free wine. I had no idea that the bishop would be such a windy-wallets.”

    5. Coffee sisters.

    Gossipers. “I’d pay no heed to the scurrilous rumours from your wife and her sister, sir. Both are nothing but a pair of coffee sisters.”

    6. Harlequin Jack.

    A fellow who shows off in both mannerisms and dress. “Look at him, with those ridiculous robes and that big, pointy hat! He’s a veritable Harlequin Jack, is the Pope.”

    7. Prize Faggots.

    A fine pair of breasts, named after the popular meat dish. “Your wife has a face like a disappointed sturgeon, however she does have a fine pair of prize faggots.”

    8. Drunk As A Boiled Owl.

    Describes someone who is absurdly drunk. “You’re making absolutely no sense, you blaggard. Either you are an absolute idiot, or you are as a drunk as a boiled owl.”

    9. Parish Pick-Axe.

    A prominent nose. “I wouldn’t say your nose is big. It just resembles a parish pick-axe.”

    10. Throttled Shrimp.

    Limp and flaccid. “You sir, have genitals like a throttled shrimp.”

    Enjoy, and remember – please do use (ir)responsibly.

    – Lord Likely.


    Source: ‘Passing English of the Victorian Era, a Dictionary of Heterodox English Slang and Verse‘ compiled by James Redding Ware. Except number ten, from ‘The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely’ by Lord Likely.

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